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The Benefits of Senior Living for Couples

May 25, 2022

As couples age, their needs change, and not always simultaneously. Priorities may shift due to health concerns or simply because you and your partner desire a maintenance-free lifestyle moving forward. Whatever the case may be, senior living is perfect for couples seeking easy living with a health care plan to fall back on.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) has many advantages for older adult couples. Learn about six life-changing benefits, below.

Benefit #1: Experiencing new activities and interests together.

Is there an activity you and your partner have always wanted to try but just couldn’t find the time or didn’t have easy access? CCRCs offer an array of activities designed to meet diverse interests for couples who want to try something new together, or individually. 

Better still, the maintenance-free lifestyle gives you more you-time to indulge your interests.

Senior living community activities and events often include:

  •     Fitness classes
  •     Movie nights
  •     Social events like cocktail parties
  •     Arts and crafts
  •     Continuing education opportunities
  •     Lectures
  •     Cultural events like concerts
  •     Worship services
  •     Special interest clubs

Learning something new, engaging with others, and discovering new passions can bring added joy and excitement to any relationship.

Benefit #2: Spending quality time that doesn’t revolve around caregiving.

If your partner’s health needs change, it can be overwhelming to assume the role of caregiver. It can be equally difficult for your partner to feel as though they’ve burdened you. Inevitably the relationship changes, and mental and physical health can suffer. 

When you move to a CCRC, care is no longer in the hands of either partner. Trained medical professionals and support staff provide care, so you can continue to focus on your loving relationship.

Benefit #3: Meeting and making friends with other couples.

Is it getting more difficult to visit with friends and family as a couple living at home? Driving may not be as easy or safe as it once was – for your or your peers.

Get your social life back on track at an independent living community. With on-site events and activities, you’ll easily meet new, friendly neighbors who have the same interests. 

Benefit #4: Living in a maintenance-free, worry-free residence.

Over the course of a long relationship, possessions accumulate. Spare rooms can turn into storage space. Moving to a senior living community is the perfect excuse to declutter – and start making memories that are less about stuff and more about living each moment to the fullest.

Most CCRCs offer floor plans with amenities even more tailored to a couple’s needs than your current home. No more home maintenance or yardwork. Just you and your partner in a space that’s comfy, convenient and clutter-free. 

Benefit #5: Accessing a full continuum of care if you or your partner should need it.

Sure, home health care is an option, but it can be quite a lot to coordinate, and it can also intrude on your comfort zone. In a senior living community, different levels of care are available on site.

The entrance fee you pay to move to a Life Care Community includes unlimited access to care. Less tangible, but perhaps more important, it eliminates all the worry about future care – for you and all your loved ones. Your plan for health needs will be set, and you’ll know where and by whom care will be provided.

Benefit #6: Selecting a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Choosing a senior living option can be daunting, but as a couple, it’s possible to find happiness and care in a community that’s perfect for you both.

Life Care Communities like Canterbury Woods Williamsville offer plans to secure long-term care and protect your financial estate at a tremendous – often surprising – value. 

Contact us today to schedule a tour and learn more about the benefits of a senior living community for couples and how you can take the easy first steps toward a happy and secure future.

Canterbury Woods Williamsville Is Charming, Scenic and Beautiful

At Canterbury Woods Williamsville, our goal is simple: provide single seniors and couples with the best possible living experience. We’re a Life Care Community offering independent living and a full continuum of care. This includes assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

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