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The Benefits of Retirement Hobbies | Canterbury Woods Williamsville

Jun 3, 2022

Hobbies for Seniors for a Healthy, Fun-Filled Retirement

Retirement allows you the freedom to try out new interests, follow unique pursuits, and create the daily routine you’ve always wanted. Life at a senior living community gives you the chance to set aside many responsibilities and immerse yourself in an exciting new era of your life.

Keep reading to learn how a joyful pastime could enhance your life and how you might go about choosing the best activities for you.

Benefits of Taking Up a Hobby

Learning a new skill wards off cognitive decline, and having a fun outlet for creativity can reduce stress and create a deepened sense of purpose. When you add physical activity or socialization to a new pastime, you benefit even more.

A hobby that involves movement or exercise can:

A hobby that involves socialization can:

“Senior living communities offer countless opportunities to discover a fulfilling hobby,” says Lynda Marino, Marketing Director at Canterbury Woods. “Most communities have calendars full of classes, fitness centers to facilitate sport, and communal spaces to accommodate meetings between friends.”

How To Choose Your New Endeavor

If you’re not sure what kind of hobby you’d like to take up but are interested in starting something new, here are some tips you can follow.

Consider the benefits most important to you. Maybe you have specific goals you hope to achieve with a hobby. For example, if your priority is to improve your social life, you might first turn to friends, families, and neighbors to see what kind of class or activity they’d be interested in doing with you.

Check the offerings at a senior living community. One perk of senior living is that opportunities are literally right outside your door. Popular hobbies promoted at retirement communities are yoga, swimming, arts and crafts classes and book clubs. Any of these could add joy to your life.

Volunteer with a worthy organization. For some, the most rewarding hobby is helping others. Volunteering can counteract depression and isolation and can encourage increased physical activity.

Active Hobbies for Seniors

Physical activity supports your health in a myriad of ways. Even when you engage in moderate levels of exercise, it will contribute to a longer life and lower levels of stress. It can also increase your energy and focus so you can take on other challenges.

Here are some great hobbies for seniors who want to stay physically active:

  • Swimming: Water exercise is a great low-impact way to raise your heart rate and strengthen your bones and muscles. Swimming can also be a joyful and carefree experience that reminds you of your younger years.
  • Yoga: Whether you try chair yoga or regular yoga, this practice can help you gain flexibility, practice mindfulness, and work out some aches and pains.
  • Walking: An increase in steps has a positive correlation with many health benefits. Additionally, it lends itself both to social interaction and time in nature, both of which further support your physical and mental health.

Creative Hobbies for Seniors

Creative hobbies have a particular appeal in retirement because often our work lives did not allow for these sorts of endeavors. Creativity activates your brain in a unique way and can help older adults stay sharp and focused.

Here are some great hobbies for seniors who want to be creative:

  • Art Class: Senior participation in a cultural program like painting or ceramics classes have been shown to increase independence and prevent disease. An art class can help you reconnect to a more carefree time in your youth when you could dabble in hobbies just for fun.
  • Knitting or Crochet: Needlework can improve hand-eye coordination and provide relaxation. Hop onto Ravelry for inspiring patterns and projects that you can make as gifts or use in your home decor.
  • Photography: Whether you take a class or just venture out on your own to teach yourself the basics, this creative pursuit can attune your eye to details and encourage an appreciation for the beauty around you.

Social Hobbies for Seniors

An active social life can do wonders for your health and happiness. Increased socialization in your golden years can decrease depression, strengthen self-esteem, and offer renewed purpose.

Here are some great hobbies for seniors who want to enrich their social lives:

  • Book Clubs: Reading improves memory and attention span. When you add the social element that a book club provides, this is a hobby that will enhance your life and deepen your connections.
  • Worship Services: Whether it’s with your congregation or with friends in your community, fellowship with like-minded people can increase feelings of belonging.
  • Card Games: Oftentimes, communities will have a game and billiards room with fun activities that can keep your mind sharp and help you become better acquainted with fellow residents.

Canterbury Woods Williamsville Is for Senior Enthusiasts

At Canterbury Woods Williamsville, our goal is simple: provide senior couples with the best possible living experience. We’re a Life Care Community that provides countless ways residents can delve into interests, learn new skills, and connect with like-minded people in their golden years.

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