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How To Choose the Best Floor Plan for Your Retirement

Jan 28, 2022

Senior Living Floor Plans That Make Life Easier 

When you start your search for a new home in senior living, the first question you may ask yourself is how you can upgrade from your family home. What is it that you don’t have now that you want in your new home? What kind of space will enable you to live your most fulfilling life?

You have the opportunity now to choose a floor plan with intention. Keep reading for tips on how to select a new space in senior living that supports your lifestyle and meets your needs.  

Consider the Advantage of a Private Outdoor Space 

If you are moving from a single-family home into a senior living community, you are likely used to having a private yard, patio or porch. For many, these small retreats are refreshing spots to observe nature and breathe fresh air, which is advantageous to both your mental and cognitive well-being

If this outdoor square footage brings value to your life, then prioritize it in your search. There are many senior living communities that offer common areas like gardens and outdoor dining options. Some incorporate private outdoor living spaces into their house plans. Others prioritize bringing natural light in with features like large bay windows

Consider Your Desire To Entertain

Moving into senior living does not mean you have to stop hosting your family Thanksgiving, inviting friends over for dinner parties, or throwing birthday parties for your grandchildren. It doesn’t even necessarily mean downsizing. You can find the right residence  and the perfect layout that is conducive to your lifestyle. 

Maybe it is important to you to have an open floor plan so that there is a nice flow from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room. Maybe you will opt for an extra bedroom and open space, or perhaps you’ll choose to pare down your possessions and find a home with a smaller footprint. 

Consider the Storage Space You Need

Paring down is difficult, and you might find that it is not worth it to get rid of items that enrich your life. If you have hobbies that require some space in your home or special decor that is close to your heart, storage space will be a necessity.

Pay attention to available closet space and cabinets when you visit residences. Look for opportunities in a laundry room, den or garage to store items you don’t use every day. 

If you want to downsize into an apartment, say, you may need to look into some alternate storage options. You could also consult with a professional to implement some clever storage solutions for your space.

Consider Your Present and Future Needs

Of course, there will be some must-haves on your list of requirements in a home, and some of them may have to do with physical limitations that you may have. These accommodations might even be the reason you are making this move in the first place. 

As you think about the modifications you need now, talk with your doctor, your loved ones, or your spouse about what to anticipate for the future too. Senior living design, at its best, is flexible enough to adjust to your changing needs. 

Whether you are entering an independent living or assisted living community, it will be important for you to imagine how the space could assist you in the future. 

The Patio Homes at Canterbury Woods Williamsville

Whether you are wanting a private outdoor space and room for entertaining or you want an apartment with great natural lighting, check out the floor plans at Canterbury Woods Williamsville. Contact our Marketing Director, Lynda Marino, at (716) 427-6928 to experience the space yourself. 

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