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Boost Your Mental and Emotional Health: The Perks of Choosing Life Care

May 7, 2021

When you start to think about how you’d like to spend your senior years, you have countless options. Would you like to learn a new skill? Travel somewhere exotic? Spend more time with your family? The world is your oyster, and many seniors choose to do everything they can to maximize the perks of these years by moving into a Life Care Community.

“More and more seniors are choosing senior living as a way to upsize their lifestyle and broaden their choices,” says Lynda Marino, Marketing Director for Canterbury Woods Williamsville. “Moving to an all-inclusive, maintenance-free community like Canterbury Woods has become incredibly popular for that reason.”

Unlike years prior, senior retirement living has transformed into an experience that fits your individual lifestyle instead of forcing residents into a cookie-cutter existence.

“Life Care Communities are a perfect fit for seniors who are seeking an active lifestyle today and want a secure home for their future needs,” Lynda says. “A community like Canterbury Woods Williamsville allows residents to have protection against growing long-term care costs without having to sacrifice enjoyment today. Beyond that peace of mind knowing that you always have a home, there are many mental and emotional health perks of living here.”

It’s estimated that about 20 percent of people 55 and older live with some sort of mental health issue or concern. Depression, anxiety and cognitive impairment are the most common conditions, all of which can result in personal distress, angst and health issues across the mental, emotional and physical spectrum. Unfortunately, emotional and mental issues often go unrecognized in seniors, and thus go untreated.

“All the benefits and choices you can find at a Life Care Community make them a uniquely perfect solution for seniors of all ages,” Lynda explains. “In other words, they provide an environment that allows seniors to thrive and navigate this stage of life with grace, energy and fulfillment.”

Here are some of the ways that Life Care provides mental and emotional benefits to older adults and allows them to live their best life in their senior years.

  1. A sense of belonging.

As humans, we have a desire for a meaningful existence, and a big part of that involves being a part of a community of some sort. We all want to interact and be around people who are like us and who share similar goals and values. A Life Care Community creates an instant “neighborhood” filled with potential friends in the same stage of life as you. You’re also surrounded by caring staff who want to get to know you and see what they can do to help you live your best life. Instead of being alone and lonely, you’re surrounded by people who know you and to whom you matter. There’s a huge sense of security and comfort of knowing where you are and who you are within a community. 

  1. A sense of purpose.

Recent studies have shown that a sense of purpose provides incredible benefits for overall health. It increases your longevity, promotes happiness, reduces loneliness and boosts well-being. In other words, it promotes all the things that help seniors age well and be well throughout their golden years. A Life Care Community provides many opportunities for you to find your purpose, not just by providing maintenance-free living (so you don’t have to spend time on chores), but because there are a plethora of opportunities available for you to learn and experience. Purpose doesn’t have to be some big lofty goal. It also doesn’t have to be something static. Purpose can continually shift as you discover what it is that fills you up. In fact, a shifting purpose can be a good thing because it means you’re growing, discovering and enjoying life.

  1. Safety and security.

For many seniors, getting older can be very worrying. This is particularly true if a senior is facing health issues or other physical and mental challenges. The tasks of daily living can become burdensome, and living alone means that an individual always has that worry in the back of their mind of “what happens if something goes wrong?” At a Life Care Community, the staff focuses on creating an environment that is secure and comfortable for residents so that worry can go away. Many communities provide secure entrances and exits, around-the-clock security staff, professional caregivers, emergency response systems, transportation and all sorts of other perks that can help remove that worry and provide relief. This can be enough to boost mental and emotional health.

  1. A focus on aging well.

Getting older isn’t optional. However, there are many ways to grow older in a healthy way that boosts wellness and promotes mental and emotional stability. A lot of the things that seniors should do are fairly common sense: getting enough exercise, eating a healthy diet, staying social and connected with others, keeping brains active and finding enjoyment in life. Adults who live in their own private home often aren’t able to handle all the little things that go into creating an environment for aging well. It’s a lot of work, after all. At a Life Care Community, however, the entire community lifestyle is focused on helping keep residents as healthy as possible so their aging experience is the best it can be. From on-site fitness centers with interesting classes, engaging events and activities, and a restaurant-quality dining experience that’s also nutritionally balanced, there are so many ways for seniors to stay and remain healthy throughout their seniorhood.

  1. Care for a lifetime, no matter how needs change.

Even if you’re a healthy, active and independent senior at the moment, it’s possible that you may end up needing more health care and support down the road. It’s also possible that you may need the assistance of mental health support, as many seniors can struggle with those issues as they age. A Life Care Community offers a wide variety of not just amenities, but health services, that help seniors gain the support they need. Whether they require help with the tasks of daily life or a medication adjustment, Life Care can help. This gives seniors the ability to age in place comfortably and safely.

  1. Peace of mind.

Every benefit that a Life Care Community provides combines to one thing: peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that you’re in a place where you have everything you need to age well. Peace of mind that you’ll always have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about chores ever again and all you have to do is figure out what you want to do that day. It’s retirement on your terms – what could be better than that?

Find Your Fulfillment 

Canterbury Woods Williamsville is a Continuing Care Retirement Community like you’ve never seen. Canterbury Woods Williamsville is not only the perfect location for rest and relaxation, thanks to 62 tranquil acres, but there’s also easy access to Buffalo’s urban location. Offering the highest quality independent living lifestyle and security, you’ll be part of a welcoming community consisting of both friends and neighbors while experiencing gracious living, first-class health care and the freedom to create the lifestyle you desire. 

Continuum of Care

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Canterbury Woods Communities provide a comfortable environment and first-rate services to support every level of need. Assisted living apartments allow Williamsville residents to benefit from additional support while maintaining their independent lifestyle. If skilled nursing, rehabilitation or memory care is ever needed, residents can experience the support they require. They can also enjoy all this and more at our sister community in Buffalo. 

Contact us today to discover more about Canterbury Woods Williamsville! (716) 427-6928


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