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Top Five Fitness Activities for Seniors

Apr 4, 2023

Seniors can maintain their independence and health by staying active and engaged. Regular activity helps to keep muscle mass and prevent heart disease, as well as maintain balance, improve mobility and reduce stress. Aging doesn’t mean slowing down, it means more time to pursue that activities that you love and keep you healthy!

At Canterbury Woods Williamsville, promoting the health benefits of an active senior living lifestyle is among our top priorities. From fitness classes to mindfulness practices to yoga, we’ve got you covered. Getting involved in your community, pursuing new interests, and learning new skills are among the many engaging opportunities available to you as a resident of Canterbury Woods Williamsville. We also offer an extensive activities calendar.

Favorite Sports for Seniors at Canterbury Woods Williamsville

1. Fitness Classes

In the on-site community fitness and wellness centers, we provide a wide variety of health- and wellness-oriented courses. Plus, our fully equipped fitness center offers a plethora of options to enhance cardiovascular health, strength, balance, and flexibility. Classes are better than working out in the gym alone because combining a social element to your workout reduces stress and helps keep your mind sharp.

We design exercise programs with your interests and individual fitness levels in mind, providing everything you need in one magnificent and friendly fitness facility to help you reach your physical fitness goals.

2. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation

At Canterbury Woods Williamsville, there’s a mindfulness practice for everyone. In addition to the more general fitness classes listed above, we offer guided meditation and classes in yoga and tai chi

The benefits of yoga for seniors are many, including improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, improved flexibility, as well as balance and coordination. 

3. Wii Sports

The Wii Sports suite of games lets seniors and those with mobility limitations simulate their favorite sports, like bowling, golf, tennis, boxing, and baseball. Wii Sports are played by holding the controllers and mimicking the motions of the given sport or standing on a balance board to shift weight, so you get the same kind of exercise in the same range of motion. There’s also Wii Dance and a variety of workout routines.

4. Swimming and Aquafit Classes

Splash around in our heated indoor pool! Attend water aerobics. Swim a few relaxing laps. Start a water polo team. Swimming is one of the best sports for seniors because it it low impact on joints and great for cardiovascular health. However you like to spend your time, the Canterbury Woods pool is a fantastic place to engage in a low-impact, healthful form of exercise even during the cold New York winters.

5. Walking Groups

As a popular pastime for seniors, walking groups provide an opportunity to get a little outdoor time, acquaint yourself with the community’s layout, and catch up with friends. Whether formal or informal, research shows that the pairing of activity and socialization creates a positive feedback loop that can help keep you healthier for longer.

Relaxed and Engaged Retirement Living in Beautiful Williamsville, New York.

Come check out active senior living in our community and see how you can still partake in activities you love – and activities that you don’t even know about yet. The opportunities are endless.

Contact us to schedule your personal tour of our gym, pool and walking trails!

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