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5 Tips for Having a Great Estate Sale

Jul 21, 2022

When downsizing for the move to a Life Care Community, there’s one easy way to make a huge dent in all the stuff you’ll have to move …

… have an estate sale!

“Having an estate sale can help you make some extra money and get rid of unwanted items before moving,” says Lynda Marino, Marketing Director of Canterbury Woods Williamsville. “While our patio homes allow ample space for residents’ prized possessions, a sale can help you purge things you no longer need and start fresh in your new home.”

Without the right understanding of how estate sales work and what makes them successful, they can be complex and challenging to run. To maximize results, here are a few practical tips.

1.   Decide what you want to sell.

It takes quite a while to sort through a lifetime of possessions. First, go through your house – including places like the basement or attic – and sort items into three piles: keep, sell, or give away.

If an item is scuffed up, dirty, or needs repair, consider giving it some extra attention. With a little bit of TLC, you could increase its value and extend its life.

It’s always important to visualize the home you’re moving into as you pare down. With two bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, and up to 2,300 square feet, the patio home at Canterbury Woods Williamsville may require a less arduous downsizing process.

These homes allow you to keep all the things that feel like home to you. However, you can get rid of large appliances and tools necessary for home maintenance, as you’ll no longer need them.

2.   Create an inventory of items and prices.

Once you’ve identified the possessions in your home that you’re selling, create an inventory – perhaps an Excel document – to list them alongside a corresponding picture. As you price the items, do your best to think objectively and not allow nostalgia to color your judgment.

Pricing strategically can be difficult, especially when you consider the haggling some buyers will attempt and the discounts you may apply toward the end of the sale. For particularly valuable or rare possessions, consult with a professional appraiser to make sure you get what they’re worth.

3.   Consider your presentation.

If a buyer walks into your home and feels too overwhelmed or confused, they won’t stick around. Here are some presentation tips to pique buyer interest and encourage transactions:

  • Display items in the rooms they’re used. This helps consumers find what they’re looking for more easily.
  • Mark prices clearly. If a buyer has to track down someone working the sale, they may not follow through with their purchase.
  • Use NOT FOR SALE signs. If there are items in your home you’re not selling, make sure these are labeled clearly.
  • Feature the most valuable goods. Big-ticket items should be front and center to attract the right buyer.

4.   Attract buyers.

Make sure your hard work gets noticed. Advertise your sale far and wide using social media, Craigslist, newspapers, flyers and word of mouth. Include pictures of desirable items and information about any special discounts you’re offering.

Also make sure you have appropriate signage in your neighborhood to attract people driving by your home around the time your estate sale is scheduled.

5.   Prepare your home for high traffic.

There are some specific preparations and supplies you’ll need to make your estate sale successful:

  • Ensure your sale is properly staffed by family members and friends
  • Set up a table for purchases
  • Secure a cash box with change and perhaps a way for buyers to pay electronically
  • Mark parking zones around your property
  • Sell cold beverages for buyers to enjoy while shopping

A successful estate sale is a great way to kick off your next chapter at Canterbury Woods Williamsville.

Lexington Village Patio Homes at Canterbury Woods Williamsville

The Canterbury Woods Williamsville patio homes are located in an exclusive neighborhood with a designated clubhouse and bar. They’re located on a 62-acre campus and are a short walk from all other amenities.

Inside, you’ll find luxurious touches like six-panel interior doors, wood balustrade stairs with oak treads, oak-finished wood kitchen cabinets, ceramic tile bathroom floors, and cultured marble vanities.

Canterbury Woods Williamsville Is Charming, Scenic and Beautiful

Canterbury Woods Williamsville is a Continuing Care Retirement Community offering seniors diverse living options, including a comfortable life in a patio home. Here, older adults enjoy sophisticated, convenient living that suits their lifestyle and budget. Contact us today for more information about our patio homes.

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Financial benefits of living in a continuing care retirement community

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