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Canterbury Woods Promotes Healthy Lifestyles, Especially for Employees

Dec 13, 2022

Studies show that a healthy lifestyle is critical to aging well.

By 2023, at least two-thirds of senior living communities will have holistic wellness practices at their core. To meet this need, senior living communities offer senior residents and their employees the opportunity to lead a holistic lifestyle, including providing a safe environment and nutritious meals, facilitating social engagement, and providing access to a range of physical activities.

Keep reading to learn more about how Canterbury Woods Williamsville, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, promotes healthy lifestyles for residents and employees.

The Benefits of Health and Wellness Programming in Senior Living Communities

The state of a person’s health and wellness affects every aspect of their life. Maintaining a positive attitude, eating the right foods, exercising regularly, being aware of your mental health needs, and maintaining a positive attitude will help you stay mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy throughout your life.

That’s why at Canterbury Woods Williamsville, we support both our residents and employees in living their healthiest lives.

In fact, just last month, Canterbury Woods was recognized at Western New York’s Healthiest Employers 2022 ceremony as a semi-finalist for medium-sized companies, where they joined with over 300 others on this day of fitness and fun.

“The significant benefit of having a wellness program at Canterbury Woods is improving employees’ mental and physical health,” says Nenette De-Asis-Piddisi, Human Resources Director at the community. “Our goal is to build a healthier workplace, so having the right resources, engagement and support of leadership is the right direction for achieving a healthy and resilient organization.”

Residents and employees at Canterbury Woods Williamsville are helped along by this robust focus on health and wellness programming.

  1. Wellness Amenities
    The majority of senior living communities now offer wellness classes on a daily basis, such as chair yoga, water aerobics, tai chi, and stretching. From a Fitness Center with a personal trainer to a heated indoor pool, Canterbury Woods Williamsville offers plenty of options for staying fit and healthy.
  1. Dining Deliciously and Healthfully
    Healthy lifestyles require a balanced diet, but some individuals need help staying on track. Poor nutrition is made worse by lack of transportation, difficulty managing meals, and inadequate food knowledge while aging in place. With a variety of dining options, culinary experts provide residents with essential daily nutrition in retirement communities based on their dietary restrictions and needs.
  1. Wellness Programming and Education
    The importance of healthy aging is often communicated to residents of senior living communities through wellness groups organized by the community itself. Diet and exercise are key components of wellness, but there’s much more to learn. Wellness education sessions are offered in retirement communities as residents’ needs change. Through a variety of wellness programming, older adults in communities can continue to nourish themselves thoughtfully.
  1. Lifelong Learning
    As a result of learning outside of the classroom, seniors can develop new skills and interests. Lifelong learning programs help seniors keep their minds active by encouraging them to explore their curiosity. Creative writing courses and free time in a woodworking shop are not uncommon in senior living communities. Besides providing seniors with vital information, lifelong learning also provides them with health management skills. Some examples of lifelong learning courses at Canterbury Woods Williamsville include:

    • Lifelong learning and wellness courses on fitness, diet and exercise
    • Art classes
    • Discussion groups
    • Computer classes
  2. Social Calendar and Events
    A senior living community offers social events and calendars for residents to meet new people and discover new hobbies. Retirement communities organize many group outings throughout the year, with various activities available for residents to engage in, connect with, and seek fellowship with one another.
  1. Spiritual Services
    Spiritual programs and services can help you achieve spiritual wellness by aligning the community’s values with yours. With spiritual support available 24 hours a day in many senior living communities, residents can age well in a comforting environment. In senior living communities, sometimes you can also find pet therapy and meditation events that encourage emotional expression and promote happiness.

Senior Suburbanites Look No Further: You’ve Found Your New Home!

Canterbury Woods Williamsville is a Life Care Community promoting health and wellness, offering independent living and a full continuum of care. This includes assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Contact us to learn more about a career with us today.

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